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Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Wikipedia Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジーレコードキーパー, Hepburn: Fainaru Fantajī Rekōdo Kīpā) is a free-to-play role-playing gacha game developed and published by DeNA for iOS and Android.The game features original characters and stories interacting with characters, scenarios, and battles from other games in the Final Fantasy series. Ability Slots Final Fantasy Record Keeper Ability Slots Final Fantasy Record Keeper. ability slots final fantasy record keeper Apr 09, 2015 Forums > Final Fantasy Record Keeper > Abilities & Soul Breakers > Most Important Abilities To Have/Hone? Discussion in ... Rydia stands as a Red Mage for me, with a slot for any black -ra spell (depending on whats most needed) and Cure. Final Fantasy Record Keeper | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM ...

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x50px Spellblade (魔法剣/ まほうけん, Mahōken?), also known as MgcSwrd, Magic Blade, Sword Magic, Magic Sword, and Swd Mag, is a recurring command ability, usually associated with the Mystic Knight class. Magic (Final Fantasy II) | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom powered

This is a list of all the armor in Final Fantasy X. Armor pieces can be purchased from the shops or received as drops from opponents. Armor abilities can be customized to create new armor pieces.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Equipment Slots Equipment upgrades Edit30 May 2018 .. World: FF IX .. Record Materia .. Attack has a small chance to become Drain Strike. .. Deal significantly more damage with support abilities.Leave a Reply Cancel reply Gameplayfinal fantasy record keeper wikia Final fantasy record keeper get more slots Feel-cart.gq. Novoline Slots Gratis Spielen

• Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a nostalgia fueled trip that takes you into the most important events of each Final Fantasy release.Having a White Mage seems to be more of a priority due their use of healing abilities, but keep a powerful magic attack wielder in tow as well.

List of must have abilities? : FFRecordKeeper snowspell strike: for dualcaster spellbladers this ability is insane like squal, bartz, sora, celes. allegro con moto: bard ability can reduce casting time of offrnsive magic in 3 turns. when you run a mage team in magicite runs this is best option ability for sub 30 if you dont have papalymo's leylines.